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May 4, 2008 at 9:50 am 7 comments

Dear Sopheaktra et all friends of the Outstanding Youth Group:

Peaktra – thanks for your very good note about the youth picnic and once again I thank everyone for their genuine participation in all the activities, especially the group discussion about youth in Cambodia. I must say that the result from that group discussion that you involved is very valuable for me and for others whom I will speak to about future youth project in Cambodia.

Let me repeat what has been and will always be my personal commitment for the youth in Cambodia. “I will do everything I can for the benefit of youth who will be the leaders of our lovely nation. In fact we need to do some homework from now to become very good leaders because we all have good opportunity to do homework and preparation to become good leaders since our country is now at peace and stability, unlike our parents and grant-parents who had been through too much troubles and difficulties in the Cambodian history. So we all should take advantage and this opportunity to be helpful citizens for a better future of us and of our children. Please believe me that WE ALL CAN HELP MAKE CAMBODIA A BETTER COUNTRY AND WE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL NATION. HOPE IS A CHOICE AND WE ALL CHOOSE TO HOPE!

Back to the OYG, it is a starting point of unity and solidarity among dynamic, talent, smart and outstanding young people like all of you. It is for fun, networking, friendship, forum for learning from each others and for helping one another when needed.

If you agree we can do beyond that, for example setting up a OYG Club of Learning, which here I can help invite some experience people from the NGOs and Civil Society Organization to share their experience on different aspects such as: on leadership, governance, human rights and democracy, social accountability, community development, practical research tools, human management, etc which you might have not learned from schools or universities.

At my personal level, I can also share a lot of my experience working with different international and national organizations on different issues over the past 15 years. I believe you will learn very good knowledge from this as well which will be very useful for your personal knowledge and career. Strong Youth Strong Society! I guess we can discuss this idea more later during our next OYG picnic which by then we should also be able to come up with vision, mission and objectives as well as goal for the OYG.

Let me put down my suggestion for everyone to do at your convenient:

1) I am thinking of developing a BLOG (website) for the OYG to begin our visibility. So I request everyone who has collected good photos/pictures from the recent picnics or our previous events together to please share with me a copy. So soft copies through disk or USB will be best so I can use some of them for the BLOG.

2) Keep sharing information and communicating with each others (sharing your idea or any news) when your time allows so that everyone is updated and up-to-date of the OYG. Here I particularly would like to request A Muoy and Thong to have a group e-mail list of all the friends.

3) Invite good friends who you think should join the OYG and add their names and contact addresses (e-mails and phone numbers) to the list so that we can contact them as needed. If each of us can invite ten friends, this mean we will have about two hundred friends more who will be on board with the OYG during our next picnic. I strongly believe if you work together we can make it.

Thong and A Muoy – can you please help forward this e-mail to all the friends. I do not see many people in this e-mail address of recipients.

Last but note least, I am really proud of you all. You are such a great group of people that I have been lucky to get to know and now to work with. Let’s be OUTSTANDING forever.

Stay in touch and keep up your good work.

Love and Peace



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  • 1. Tepy  |  May 5, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Dear Bong KOL,
    How have you been? I’ve read your wonderful attractive text which is about the trip to Tamao mountain. That was such a enthusiastic trip with all the outstanding youth group and i also saw many photos of ours. In spite of missing me on that good day, still i do feel happy to see all your pretty attractive smile, laugh and activity that make me fresher and fresher. That’s a good idea of urs, Bong KOL, to make this website in a purpose to let us know all our youth group’s activities that we have done. I am really sorry to miss this trip however i determine to join you all in one day with a better trip than this.hehehehe. Obviously, our friendship will last forever in case of we try to enhance it by creating more kind of entertainment activities that can strengthen and improve our friendship to be better and better, otherwise, we will miss it one day without any memorable souvenirs.
    Miss from Tepy,

  • 2. Thol Theany  |  May 7, 2008 at 3:48 am

    Dear mates,

    Perharps everyone has already forgotten my face, but anyway its not serious ! Regretfully, i didnt enjoy with you guys at phnom tamao, i really 1 2 there because i have alots of friends monkeys, i hope 1 day we all ll re-arrange another picnic in purpose to ties our friendship. Sometime, thinking that life is very empty, but as long as OYGC existes, i would always say i ll never walk alone. Hopefully, very soon i ll meet all my mates 1agian as we did at de social accoutability event…:-))))))) theany

  • 3. Heng Sok  |  July 15, 2008 at 2:10 am

    Dear Bong Kol and all of friends in Group. How about you all ? I have read and get from this website that make me very interested and I would like to be friendly include all of us and new members. Moreover, I have joined on Tamao Mountaint, Soun Sobin(Dream Garden) in our trips and also good ideas to do like that because we can participate to help our counrtry and especially we are friendly. Finnally, I would like to bless all of us to be happiness and success in our life in clude me also and good Bor 5 Bror Kar KOr: Ayu Vannak, Sokhah Porl Leak and Bak Di Peaneak Kombey Khleang Khleat Louy.

  • 4. sithendmi  |  October 27, 2008 at 3:42 am

    Hey OYG!
    I was looking for updates about our event last weekend (25 & 26 Oct)!
    Anyway, I felt “useful” as a person to the community and that I need not be rich to contribute to society!
    I also wrote something about our camp on my blog: Make sure you visit it and, if possible, give me comments…
    Keep it up, OYG…
    Sithen, who played the song “I need to wake up”:)

  • 5. sithendmi  |  October 27, 2008 at 5:25 am

    Dear Kol,
    I did gave the song to Longdy (SUSI graduate) so he can pass it to anybody who wants it. Sorry, Longdy, to keep you you busy with the song!
    Other OYG Campers, you guys can do the same. I told you the lake. Then I hope you know where to fish!
    PS: Songs are just one small part of DMI trainings only:) We have much more to offer you…

  • 6. Dara  |  December 6, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Dear Brother Kol and all OYGs,

    I do happy to join OYG, a group of wonderful idea and good knowledge I’ve ever joined. I really interested in participate such helpful activities like this. Unfortunately, I can’t join in person for now so I would really appreciate of getting update activities and information by email or on website. I’ll join OYG pinic/camp some day.

    I’ve keep my eyes on OYG website and the blog, so that I could feel I always be with all you.


  • 7. Ellonanora  |  February 8, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Dear all

    Do you want to study in abroad? There are so many scholarship here for you to choose. please chlick this website in order to choose your major.




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