Result of Discussion about Youth in Cambodia

May 4, 2008 at 10:25 am 1 comment

As mentioned in the other article “The Youth Picnic” we had group discussions about the youth in Cambodia. Here is a brief summary of the results:

I. Where are the youth/which institutions are the youth belong to?

A. Non-State Institutions: I. NGOs: (UN, YRDP, YCC, KYSD, KYA, SMD YS KSA CEPA, CEPA, KIND, KAYARITH, Other Organizations); 2. MEDIA: (TV, Newspapers, Radio, etc); 3. Business: (Trade Unions, NAGA, Cambosix, Golden Tower, Banks, Restaurant, Clubs, Intertainment Industries, Tourism); 3. Other Sectors: (construction workers, elecricians, mechanicians, sport teams, ethnic groups, gang groups, etc).

B. State Institution:  (different government ministries, different education institutions, etc.)

C. Political parties: (different political parties – mostly with CPP and SRP)

II. What do the youth care about for their society? Below are some of what they conern the most (ranked in order):

  • Education System in Cambodia (that does not ensure good quality and standard)
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of effective law enforcement, poor ethical morality (corruption, human rights violations)
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Security and Political Stability
  • Economy (inflation, salary of civil servants)
  • National Territory/border
  • Influence of foreign culture
  • Climate Changes   

III. How can we reach the youth? There a number of ways we can reach the youth depending where they are:

  • Through internet or e-mail (urban areas only)
  • Through telephone (urban areas and some rural areas)
  • Through personal or direct interaction/approaching
  • Through engaging with youth organizations, youth clubs and associations
  • Through media (TV, radio) – creating youth programs –
  • Through friends network
  • Through visiting garment factories and labor industries
  • Through participating scial activities (ceremonies, festivals, parties)
  • Through communicating with education institutions
  • Through organizing youth forums or seminars
  • Through creating information boards or boxes for the youth at schools, villages, public places and pagodas
  • Through distributing leaflets on issues that concern the youth or create reading centers/libraries

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Message from Sopheaktra Founding of OYG, a meaningful return from the picnic:

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  • 1. SOVANNARA  |  October 19, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    It is a greatly new built program for our young youth to conduct the new perspectives, share diverse life styles, and many important activities in our society which is always required them to fertlize and enhance the chance of preparing to be a leader in the fure of their life.
    Admirably I suggest that every peice everyone here tries to have in store for our youth means costless and last forever in mind.

    It’s true that we all wait for the time we expect, but we should not waste it while waiting for it. So, why do we not start it together now? pls join us here to get the ideas, leadership, friendship, harmony and unforgettable memories into your spirit.


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