Founding of OYG, a meaningful return from the picnic:

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On our way back from the picnic, we were a bit less energetic after involving ourselves in so many activities including the traditional-popular game that we normally play prior to or during the Khmer New Year. As part of his responsibility, soon after the bus moved Chea Thong had to do financial reconciliation in which he did it in a transparent and interesting way such as: reporting about how the money was spent, what kinds of food we ate (which everyone already knew what they had during lunch), how many chickens, fishes were served and who ate the most and the least, and who has the biggest pile of bones in front of them, etc. It was fun although Thong reported the overspending because we ate so much :). Goodman, our good friend in the group stood up, took a mike and appealed for addition contribution from the participants whom of course were happy to give and as I remembered, it was one dollar each.

 I made a short remark, just to express how much I had enjoyed the picnic and to thank everyone: Chea Tong for coordinating with the youth and the overall arrangement for the trip, Sopheaktra and other friends who helped with the logistic and did the food order (this was particularly important as we all needed to survive 🙂 ); Goodman for helping to raise addition fund (he is very good in doing it); Norin and Pichey for the entertainments (music and songs); and of course many thanks to everyone for participating in the picnic and all activities, including the group discussion about the youth situation in Cambodia.

 As the bus was moving halfway back, Norin continued the guitar and we sang altogether a few songs, one of which, as I recalled was “miss you like crazy”. As we continued to enjoy the trip, our friends began to think of how we can do this activity regularly and have fun together like this. We thought for a little while and came up with an idea of doing a picnic once in every three months. Everybody quickly agreed that this was a great idea, so let’s do that. Should we have a name for our group? I asked. Yes, everyone replied. If so, we need to find a good name. Then, we asked each and everyone to write down a name that they liked. So many interesting names were given and I read out all of them to the group. It was quite hard to get an agreement from the majority of the group since everyone wanted to keep the name s/he likes.

Going down the list of names for the group, we finally found one name that most people initially supported and later on all agreed; it was “Krom Yuvachun Chean Muk” or “Outstanding Youth Group”. Then the group temporarily appointed Chea Tong to coordinate the OYG, Sopeaktra and Sokunthea to help with general administration and logistics; goodman to help do the fund raising for the next picnic scheduled for late June or early July 2008; Norin and Pichey to help organize entertaining programs and other members to invite their outstanding friends to join the group; Lymuoy to communicate to all the members and provide updates and necessary information. I had volunteered to be an Advisor of the OYG and was excited to support the initiative of this group. They are really outstanding and dynamic group of young people.

As we were approaching closer to Phnom Penh, we have agreed that during our next picnic we will discuss vision, mission, objective and administrative structure of the group, next steps and future activities of the OYG.

 Written by Preap Kol    


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